Friday, December 3, 2010

This shit is glamorous!

We all have our faults, even if we don't like to admit them to anyone else and sometimes even ourselves.  One of mine is that sometimes, well often, I forget to clean the cat box.  

I have 2 beautiful cats that I love dearly....Dee Wee is a pure white persian kitty with a HUGE attitude. Seriously, it doesn't get more cliche for a Burlesque dancer to have a cat like her.  She looks like a white ball of fluff with a pink nose and pink ears.  And sometimes The Husband cuts her hair to look like a lion, complete with a puff on the end of her tail.  After it grows out enough to not look so busted, it's freaking adorable.  With or without a haircut, she's so cute it makes you want to barf. Frankly, I'm surprised we burlesque girls don't all have one just like her....(well, Bob does have the dog version, Movie Star.)  

And then theres Jules.  He's my senior citizen with separation anxiety and his anxiety is expressed in the wonderful sounds of his chirping and howling at night when I'm far away at work, causing The Husband to lose his mind, every...single...night. It's really fun for him...I mean, it's really 

So, I really need to fix this fault of mine.  And today I came up with what might be a solution.  I looked at what made me forget.  And I thought, well, I can't see the shit.  The shit box just blends into the background and I don't even notice it half the time.  If I don't notice it, how am I going to remember to clean it?? Other than the smell, yes...yeah, I know...

So here's my plan, we'll see if it works.  I went out today and bought a covered circular cat box.  It has a brand name, but I call it the "Hoot Hut" because Jules looks like an owl perching on a branch when he takes a dump.  And I like to make fun of him.  After I brought it home, I pulled out all the scraps from burlesque costumes from the past.  Sequins, feathers, trim. Then I pulled out The Husbands art supplies and a piece of cardboard.  I decided, if I can SEE the cat box then maybe I'll CLEAN the cat box.  It makes sense right.  So, I made them the cutest, and most tacky cat box in all of Brooklyn,  here it is.  Wish me luck. 

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