Monday, December 6, 2010

Is that poly-fill in your underpants?

So, you may think that I've lost my mind...but I crafted the perfect pillow last night.  I was helping The Husband go through his clothes and get rid of a lot of old stuff, and re-organize his drawers.  Really I was just telling him what looked good on him and what he should keep.  Going through your clothes is not really the most exciting chore in the world, so to make it more interesting I tried to think of different things to do with all the old clothes that he was throwing away.  I wanted to save buttons, snaps from old shirts, collars, and then we got to his old underwear...I took a couple pairs for myself because they're really comfy for around the house.  Then, he pulled out the tidy-whitey's...ugh, is there any man that actually looks good in those?  I doubt it, and if he does it has nothing to do with the underwear.  I immediately told him to trash them!  What woman wouldn't? And, then...I gave them another look...grabbed them, and pulled out my sewing kit...

I created the most hilarious and surprisingly perfect pillow!  I made underwear into a pillow...and I even tested it out last night.  The Husband kept stealing it throughout the night because it was so comfortable!  And honestly, mens underwear is really the perfect shape.  It fits perfectly around your shoulder.  And it's pretty cute. I think I'm going to make a couple out of new underwear and post them on my etsy shop.  If you're interested they would look great on any couch or bed!


  1. ...those are adorable!

    I can see them being sold in pairs with a cute frilly 'girlfriend' set! <3

  2. I was thinking about doing them in the frilly pantie version! I have a project! xoxo

  3. To Cute!!! I want much you gonna sell them for!??

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